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Useful Websites

Please find below a list of useful websites which can help you and your child throughout the school year.


Beat first day nerves and have an outstanding school year - Information for parents on how to get the best from school, Free School Meals, settling in, what your child will be learning and parent's evening 101.

Key Stage 1 Testing - Helps parents to understand the Key Stage 1 tests.

Key Stage 2 Testing - Helps parents to understand theKey Stage 2 tests.

Parent Info - Will give parents the information they need to help them navigate the minefield of issues children can now face on everything from spotting the warning signs of self-harm, to having a healthy body image and managing money in a digital world. As well as giving them the confidence and support to speak to their children on such sensitive issues, it will also provide them with pathways for where they can go for more hands on support on specific issues.

The Parent Zone - Provides information, help, advice, support and resources to parents, teachers, health professionals, police officers, e-safety officers and HR professionals - anyone who engages with parents.

Think You Know - Helps parents develop their children’s resilience to the wide-range of challenges young people face today.