St Mary’s Farm
  • “With God’s strength, we reach for the stars.”


At St Mary’s we believe that the subjects we foster and teach are the skeleton framework of a learning body; the skills and concepts of innovation and creative thinking that nurture and give strength and depth to personal self-knowledge; these thinking muscles enable our pupils to grow with confidence and independence within a changing world. Our teachers are the heart beat; the passion and drive to enable and bring the curriculum to life for our young people. We want our pupils to be self-motivated to learn, feel inspired and with God's help, aspire to ’reach for the stars’. Our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural links underpin all subject areas and school life, ensuring pupils are aware of the history and values of Britain and preparing pupils for life in modern Britain. Assessment for Learning are used on a daily basis to personalise your child’s learning, making sure that they are being challenged and are ... Full story