St Mary’s Farm
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St Mary’s are proud to be taking part in Liverpool Counts Quality Mark and the whole school is working together to raise the status of maths and improve the attitudes towards it. Maths is a life skill and a subject that impacts on all areas of our day. The aims of the project are: to raise the profile of Numeracy / Mathematics to create a positive ethos and develop a ‘risk taker’ mentality. to change the culture of thinking around Mathematics to make real life connections to understand the role Mathematics plays in future life choices to show the link Mathematics plays across all subjects to share and celebrate the enjoyment of Numeracy / Mathematics.   Useful Links for Adults (The National Numeracy Family Maths Toolkit) A great site to support children with their everyday maths. (The National Numeracy Challenge) A chance to challenge and develop your own numeracy skills   Useful Links for Children Key Stage 1 maths games - Key Stage 1 maths ... Full story