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  • “With God’s strength, we reach for the stars.”
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St Mary's Farm was started in June 2016. We have goats, donkeys, chickens and a pets corner. The children learn about caring for the animals and they find it great fun.

A farm club will begin after Easter. We are expanding this year and will enlarge the Pets Corner and have more goats, chickens and hopefully a Shetland Pony too.

The children will also learn to grow salad and fruit  in the garden and the polytunnel. We are planning to set up a farm shop where the children can be involved in selling what they have grown . This will enable the children to practice their Maths and English skills. We want too to involve John our artist.

Some parents already help with the farm and it is hoped that as the project develops that more parents will want to work alongside their child with various activities .  



Emma Pennington Farm Manager and Vicki Rushton Assistant Farm manager


Meet our new additions to the farm - our Magpie ducklings