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                                                                                      Desert Island Books - What would you take?       Mrs James – Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris Five Quarters of the Orange has two time lines which alternate throughout the novel. One begins during Framboise Dartigen's childhood during the German Occupation. Framboise remembers her difficult relationship with her mother and two siblings as well as her dangerous friendship with a young German officer. The other is in present-day France, now following the life of the widowed Framboise Simon, having returned to the village of her childhood from which her family was expelled during the Second World War. Framboise opens a small restaurant, cooking the recipes left to her by her mother, whilst concealing her identity, lest she be recognized as the daughter of the woman who once brought shame and tragedy upon the village. Mrs James loves this book because of the authorial craft used to flit between different decades in ... Full story