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Reading Surveys 2017

Summary of Reading Questionnaires

In the summer we asked the children  in Year 1 to Year 6 about their thoughts on Reading.


A summary of findings follows;

  • 100% of children said that they enjoyed reading.
  • 45% of children said that they would like to read to an adult at home more.
  • 80% of children said that they were a good reader.
  • 90% of children said that they visited the school library regularly.
  • 100% of children said that they read websites/ blogs and emails.



Some of the comments that children made about reading follows:

  • In Year 1 I didn't like reading but in Year 2 I found the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I loved the adventures in there. It made me want to read more.
  • I read because it helps you with new words and helps with my writing.
  • I choose to read at home because I have exciting books to read at home and then I can read the next one in the series to find out what happens next.
  • Reading cheers me up when I am down.



Areas for development

  • The children want more access to comics and magazines to read not just books.
  • The children want to listen to their teacher read a story, just for fun, regularly to them.