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Friendship Charter

This Friendship Charter was developed by all the pupils of

St Mary’s Primary School and amended on 1st September 2015

We will make our school a very friendly place if we

remember these points:


  • No matter how different we may look on the outside inside we are all special people.
  • We should treat each other as we would want others to treat us-with kindness.
  • We should play together, work together and share sensibly and kindly.
  • We should respect other people’s belongings and not take things that don’t belong to us as it is wrong.
  • We should only say nice things both in the classroom and around school.
  • If someone is on their own ask them to join in with the game.
  • Help anyone who is hurt or stuck or seems unhappy.
  • We will always help our friends to make wise choices.
  • We should always be polite and remember to say excuse me, thank you, please and hold doors open for others.
  • If anyone is new we should say hello and tell them our name and help them to feel happy both in the classroom and around school.
  • If we see anyone being unkind we should tell an adult so that the upset stops and the person being unkind is reminded of the Friendship Charter.
  • We should always show good listening and good learning behaviour.