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School meals

School dinners are served daily in the hall. Payment for these meals can be made either on line or by paying into the machine using your child’s individual pin number.  The cost of school meals is £11 per week. Children of parents receiving Income Support are entitled to free school meals and can obtain the appropriate form and information from the School Office.

The new Government initiative means that all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to free school meals regardless of family income.

The school caters for the majority of the children   and is cooked on site.

Children may bring sandwiches for dinner by prior arrangement with the school. Sandwiches must be brought to school in a lunch box (which is clearly labelled with the child's name and class) or suitable plastic container.

In the light of the Government's healthy eating guidelines we suggest that packed lunches contain the following healthy items:

1.    A good portion of starchy food, e.g. thick sliced wholemeal bread, chapatti, pitta pocket, pasta or rice salad.

2.    Plenty of fruit and vegetables, e.g. an apple, satsuma, handful of cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks or a  mini-can of fruit chunks.

3.    A portion of lean meat, fish or alternative, e.g. chicken, tuna, egg or hummus.

4.    A portion of semi-skimmed milk or dairy food e.g. a pot of yoghurt or an individual cheese portion.

5.    A drink, e.g. a fruit juice, semi skimmed milk or water.


Children will bring home all their uneaten food so that you can see what they have eaten at lunchtime.