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School Development Plan

  Action Point 1 Ongoing drive to raise attainment , ensure accelerated progress and close gaps between current and age related expectations especially in year 4,5 and 6 Aim Action Success Criteria Resources 1a Raising attainment for identified groups ie target, underperforming, SEN, More able, PP EAL Use target tracker to identify specific gaps in knowledge ie joining two simple sentences, not recognising the inverse for 6 x tables, use of ay etc  Use 4x weekly basic skills sessions plus lesson starters, 1/1 support and over teaching to teach gap. Liaison between T and TA to ensure opportunities are used for pupils to apply skill  Targeted support reviewed weekly to ensure impact is rapid T to liaise with AD , KC and DL for additional strategies  Performance tracked every two weeks Progress meetings each half term are focused on these groups Governors attend progress meetings Attendance is tracked weekly and governors meet with parents if attendance is below 89% Poor attendees are collected each morning Percentage of children attaining ... Full story