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  • 'With God's help we reach for the stars'
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Mission Statement

We at St Mary's Church of England school, aim to provide a happy, secure learning environment, reflecting the principles of the Christian faith, enabling us to develop children's spiritual growth and moral understanding. As a Christian community, we will teach the importance of moral values along with consideration and respect of others. We believe that learning is without limits and that with God's help we can reach for the stars. Success is about changing children's lives. We have high expectations of the children and ourselves and we are sensitive to the community with its cultural diversity. Staff strive to be the best so that they can help the children to be the best that they can be. 

We aim to provide the best primary education in a stimulating and creative environment, so that every child realises his or her potential. We will instill a love of learning inspired by quality first teaching, nurturing and developing individual strengths and talents. We will encourage and celebrate creativity and imagination as well as effort and achievement.  

Our year 6 children, will be well prepared for the next stage in their education, leaving us feeling confident, young people ready to succeed and enjoy the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of them. Our overarching aim is to equip all of our children with the knowledge, skills and values they will need to become responsible citizens within their community 



We should love each other as Jesus taught us.

Luke 6 32-42


For our parents, our teachers and the laws and Values of Great Britain.

1 Peter 5:5


In our work, our school, community and our Country.

Galatians 6:4


We work hard to be the best we can be.

Colossians 3:23




Gill James- Head Teacher, Standards in Learning and Teaching, Behaviour & Safety, CPD, Attendance, Safeguarding and Child Protection, Health & Safety, Site Management, DSEN, Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Clare Morton– Deputy Head Teacher, Phonics Lead, Reading Lead.

Anna Doorbar – Assistant Head Teacher, Upper KS2 Phase Lead, Writing Lead, Pupil Premium Lead, Assessment Lead.

Catherine Miah - Assistant Head Teacher, Maths Lead, Curriculum Lead.