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Welcome to St. Mary's Church of England Primary School


St Mary’s is a Christian school where the entire atmosphere is pervaded by the conviction that there is something mysterious, and potentially wonderful, in everybody. Christian principles therefore underpin everything we do, so that good manners, good discipline and respect become part of everyday life.  Every child here is valued as a unique individual.


St Mary’s is part of a multicultural community and multicultural activities, celebrations and lessons about other faiths encourages our children to see the richness of their community. Our school values- Respect, Love, Pride and Endeavour ensures we are supporting our children to become good, hard-working and responsible British citizens


We all want the best for our children and we know that children achieve more when parents and school work together.  We are very much a community school and value the role of parents and guardians in the education of their children. Parent evenings, newsletters, workshops, parents joining their children in learning, induction meetings and weekly celebration assemblies create opportunities to work in partnership.


We believe that the teaching of faith values- to love one another- is what makes our school such a warm, calm and welcoming place.


We look forward to working with you.


Gill James. Headteacher. OBE, NLE, NPQH, Masters Dip. Education, B.Ed. (Hons)

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